Monday, January 4, 2010

You Never Know What Sunday Is Gonna Bring

Being that it's only a few days after ringing in the New Year I had resolved myself to a quiet Sunday at the store. I could work on the new newsletter, finalize the January Theatre schedule, and settle in for a long winters nap...uh, hold that. Strike the last part, Wrong Story!

To my amazement, like finding gifts under the tree, I had two people come in which resulted in me buying hundreds of pieces from there collections! There was a hand sculpted & painted foam bust of Sam from Trick R' Treat. Signed Street Trash posters & prop replicas (I know, Street Trash Right?). A Cenobite lair from Hellraiser signed by Clive Barker, & hundreds of Mezco & McFarlane monster toys. The oddest piecs is a framed piece from the movie "The Dead Girl" (2006) which display a picture of Brittany Murphy and a swatch from the actual vest she wore in the film. creepy, I know.

There you have it. so for two days I will be sorting out these treasures with my shoe-maker elves and getting everything out for sale. Chances are if you have been looking for some contemporary slasher or monster toy, it's now at the even-more-cool horror store right here in the midwest!

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