Thursday, June 17, 2010

White Whale....or Female Creature?

Many have heard the Ahab's of the collecting world talk about the elusive "Female" Creature From The Black Lagoon by AHI. Horrorbles had the pleasure of holding one of these treasures in the store, and then watch it swim happily away with an equally enthusiastic collector!

What makes this figure unique? Well, when they were first released they had a "Female" look to them...larger hips, & a more pronounced, rubber painted chest...this was not to satisfaction of all the monster kids out there and there was a recall! The replacement was a darker green version, an all plastic body more reminiscent now of "Humanoids From The Deep!" Thanks to our friends at for their great pictures of the two side-by side! Ahoy, there she blows! If ye see one be sure to give us a holler!

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